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Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd have been in existence since 1987 with the focus on providing a traditional and transparent Labour Consulting Service. The Scribante Group was formed in 1939, and has been active in all civil engineering programmes including the building of roads and railway lines.

Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd is successful because of our ethical practices and with treating our clients and employees with dignity and respect. We aim to achieve prosperity and equity for all our stakeholders.

Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd are a comprehensive and highly professional staffing solution company that provides payroll solutions for big and small companies, staff outsourcing for contract and permanent placements, academic classroom training, practical and facilitation.
We place an intrinsic focus on our clients and their needs and we will be with you every step of the way!

Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd, formerly known as Chemical Projects Design Centre cc was formed in 1987 and started with draftsmen being hired to Sapref. This has now changed drastically with staff in most sectors from restaurants to construction and encompassing bargaining councils such as MEIBC, SEIFSA, MIBCO, NBCRFLI etc.

Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd has a great national foot print and we are members of CAPES via CEA Seifsa and APSO Forum. In local areas we have developed trust within the communities and their leaders. We fully participate in youth development and in regard to social development we have strategic partnerships with Seta’s and DOL. Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd is a major stakeholder in the building of an ethical platform for all labour consulting practices and is represented in the following areas:

  • Accredited – Merseta and Teta,
  • CAPES, CEA Siefsa, APSO
  • BUSA – Transformation Portfolio
  • NEDLAC, BMF, Services Seta.

Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd have worked on the Mbombela Gautrain Project, Coega PE, Grootvlei power plant and RBM Mines, Scribante Construction and major client groups such as Value Logistics and Federal Mogul Group. We are also involved in The Cato Ridge Hammarsdale Industrial Development which includes managing, training, skills development and staff outsourcing in the area. We have managed to source scarce and critical skills for various projects and industrial zone developments.


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