Payroll Administration

Outsource your payroll to the people who do payroll best. 




Payroll Administration

Outsource your payroll to the people who do payroll best – Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd.
We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding association.

What is payroll outsourcing?

  • The staff are employed by you but the payroll process from the capturing of hours, producing payslips and resolving queries is handled by the Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd Payroll Team.
  • All HR items relating to these staff members are managed by the Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd HR team.
  • Your staff, managed by Scribante Labour Consultants(PTY) Ltd.

Why Outsource your PAYROLL?

  • We monitor and comply with the constantly changing legislation.
  • No investing in specialist payroll software or the associated costs of licence fees and training.
  • No additional staff required to manage the payroll process.
  • Accurate, Secure, Confidential and Hassle-free payroll management.
  • Bottom Line – YOU SAVE MONEY!

Some of the services offered:

  1. Initial Payroll Setup and customization
    2. Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Other period and Executive payrolls
    3. Payroll processing
    4. Leave Management
    5. General Ledger Exports
    6. Electronic Payslips
    7. Equity Reporting
    8. EMP201 Returns
    9. Annual & 6 monthly SARS Submissions
    10. Quarterly Statistics


  1. Client identifies outsourcing need.
    2. Client decides on best payroll solution offer.
    3. Scribante Labour
    Consultants (PTY) Ltd supplies the client with a list of items needed for the payroll setup.
    4. A meeting is held with the client and the payroll is setup according to the clients specifications.
    5. Input is sent to Scribante Labour on a monthly/weekly/ bi-weekly or other basis.
    6. Scribante Labour
    Consultants (PTY) Ltd process the input and send variance reports to the client for checking and confirmation of correctness.
    7. Salaries are transferred into the staff bank accounts on the agreed payment date and payslips are supplied.
    8. Third-party payments are made and remittances are sent to all 3rd Parties.
    9. All statutory submissions are submitted to the relevant parties and all exports are done and sent to the client.
    10. An invoice is generated and supplied to the client.