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Customisable Services

  • Outsourced payrolls
  • Workmans Compensation IOD’s, returns, occurrences
  • Returns
  • Skills Development Levy
  • Garnishee Orders
  • Maintenance order
  • Disciplinary hearings/warnings/terminations/admin
  • CCMA representation
  • Union negotiations
  • Assistance with Employment Equity Plan
  • Wage negotiations
  • Inhouse specialist recruitment
  • Procuring suitable staff
  • A Client Liaison Manager on 24- hour call
  • Site Managers / Shift Managers.

  • Annual reconciliation and production of IRP5’s and IT3’s
  • Production and delivery of pay slips (V.I.P Corporate payroll system)
  • EFT Payment of all wages
  • Loans to staff (in case of need)
  • Personalized name tags available
  • Dedicated Administrative official on Site
  • Constant update of legal documentation – letter of good standing etc.
  • A Supervisor on each shift where numbers necessitate who will administer the staff 

  • Registered employer of the worker and employer therefore becomes the permanent employee of Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd.
  • Negotiate directly with the Unions.
  • Adhere to fair and equal treatment.
  • Adhere to company’s grading system
  • Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd indemnifies it’s clients from arbitration recourse.
  • Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd deals with employment contracts, HR issues, dismissals, resignations.
  • Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd specialises in non-standard employment: seasonal requirements, production flows, client demand, thus short terms contracts for drivers, packers, artisans, wherever the client does not have a constant production or supply chain and is subjected to seasonal, production, demand, supply constraints.
  • Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd supply staff for event specific occurrences, specific tasks or projects, fixed date/duration contracts, open contracts based on requirements.


  • We handle all Union negotiations
  • Industrial councils and Labour regulation – continuous updates.
  • Save on indirect costs – stationery, banking, systems, consulting fees
  • Field consultant on 24 hour call.
  • Administrative team – dedicated to meet your individual requirements.
  • Flexibility to have additional staff for peak or seasonal periods.
  • Control your production labour requirements, thus avoiding spiraling labour costs.
  • Scribante Labour Consultants (PTY) Ltd supplies staff for normal shifts, shutdowns, seasonal, occasional or placement work for the following: Office Staff, Motor Industry, Metal Industry, Road Freight, Construction Industry, Food and Beverage Industry and the Furniture Industry.
  • Registered with Department of Labour.
  • Registered with all sectorial and bargaining council.

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